American Med & Commercial Capital offers a unique mechanism for obtaining funds for asset financing (or refinancing) at below-market bank rates; floating, 30-day LIBOR with a floor of 1.00%—interest only.

Funds available through this program can be on an "interest-only" basis and may not require amortization.

Because of the interest-only feature, we ensure that your cash flow remains at an optimum level.

Closing the transaction generally requires no longer than 30 days and financing must be a minimum of $10 million—with no cap.

American Med & Commercial Capital
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Allow us to share our experience in the following areas:

  • Commercial Real Estate: Debt & Equity Financing and Consulting
  • Global Clean Energy Financing
  • We’ll Get Your Business Sold: We have relationships with investors who are looking to acquire established corporates with EBIDTA of $1 million -  $250M+.
  • Purchase Order, Invoice, General Receivables Financing.
  • We invest and leverage in liquid, investment grade, fixed income government and corporate debentures.